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A world class supplier of critical componentry to medical OEMs, Thermal Circuits is a 50 year old custom heater specialist designing, engineering, and producing etched foil heater assemblies with thermal sensors.

Optimizing the utility of a thermal sensor is a critical success factor in every application. To facilitate proper and repeatable integration of thermistors, RTDs, thermal fuses, thermostats, thermocouples, and semiconductor-type thermal sensors, Thermal Circuits has developed and invested in automating many of its manufacturing processes. Specifically, Thermal Circuits has co-developed and implemented state-of-the-art pressing/lamination, photo-etch, and assembly equipment.

The foundation of every heater/sensor assembly is its laminate. The better the laminate’s flatness and bond strength, the more reliable the assembly’s quality. To enable benchmark results, Thermal Circuits has recently improved to robotic-assisted, pneumatic and hydraulic/vacuum presses. The robot traverses upwards of 6.5’along a 15’ long track. A centralized computer controls process parameters (time, temperature, and pressure) and coordinates the opening and closing of the presses with the location and action (loading or unloading) of the robot. What was previously produced by scores of operators and reliant on individual craftsmanship has been improved by advanced technology.

The heart of every etched foil heater manufacturer’s production capability is its photo-etch processes. Thermal Circuits continues to invest in these core competencies by automation. Specifically, conveyors and computer numeric controls (CNC) have automated photographic developers, chemical millers, and resist strippers to improve process CpKs, reduce labor, and save space on the manufacturing floor.

The soul of Thermal Circuits’ engineering prowess resonates in its sustained ability to think outside the box when it comes to automating its most labor intensive assemblies. Here, single operators monitor the results of six-station robots, which consistently weld, solder, adhere, and test critical to quality mechanical and electrical parameters.

Automation is a key enabler to Thermal Circuits retaining their widely held title as the industry’s best manufacturer for benchmark pricing, creative and flexible designs, and unsurpassed quality.




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