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Optimizing the utility of a thermal sensor is a critical success factor in every heater application. Thermal Circuits’ engineers are experienced and trained to integrate state-of-the-art temperature sensing, controlling and limiting componentry to assure accuracy, repeatability, and quality.

More information on "How to facilitate proper & repeatable integration of Thermal Sensors"

Economic and Precise Thermal Sensing
Custom Tolerances to Enhance Measurement Accuracy
Advantageous Signal to Noise Ratio
Offered as Bead, Chip, Disc, and Thin Film Type


Resistance Temperature Detector
Temperature Sensor with Premier Accuracy and Tolerances
Near-Linear Resistance vs. Temperature Relationship
Beneficial Low-Profile (<0.01") Cross-Section
Offered as Chip and Thin Film Type

Thermal Fuse
One-Time, Over-Temperature Protection
Low-Cost, Redundant or Solo Thermal Cut-Offs
Offered as Axial or Radial Type
Bi-Metallic, Temperature Controlling Switch
Replaces Sensor / Controller, Lower Cost / Less Accurate
Factory Preset Open on Rise / Close on Fall Actuation
Offered as Axial or Disc Type
Thermocouple (B, C, E, J, K, N, R, S, or T)
A Family of Temperature Sensors Divided by Temperature Range
Made by Joining Two (2) Materials with Different Seebeck Coefficients
Superior High Temperature (1,250°C) Capability
Offered as Bead or Thin Film Type
State-Of-The-Art Thermal Sensing
Highly Integrated and Customizable
Enables Sensing, Switching and Signal Conditioning
Simplifies Design and Reduces Your Time to Market
Offered as Either Analog or Digital Surface Mount Technology
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