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Heater assemblies bonded to metalwork heatsinks

Thermal Circuits has a demonstrated willingness and capability to add value to your heater. Whether your application requires simplistic sub-assembly work or turnkey contract manufacturing of the final product, applications engineers are prepared to make your product a success.

  Metalwork and Heatsinks
Electrical Enclosures and Housings
Injection and Compression Molded Products
Plastics, Composites and Ceramics
Tubes and Platens
Harnesses and Flex-Circuits
Discrete Wire
Etched Foil with Dielectric Encapsulants
Terminals, Connectors and Plugs
Molded, Potted and Conformable Lead Egresses
Heaters with Sensors
Thermal Fuse
Factory Vulcanized Silicone Rubber
Factory Bonding with Thermoplastic and Thermoset Adhesives
Factory or Customer Bonding with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Epoxies, RTV’s, Ceramics, and Similar Materials
Mechanical Fasteners
Turnkey Solutions
Assembled and Packaged, Ready-For-Market
Sub-Assembly and Contract Manufacturing
Spares Packaging for Field Support

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