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Transportation etched foil heaters
Transportation Silicone rubber insulated heaters

Trailer trucks transporting temperature-controlled liquids use Thermal Circuits etched foil heaters. Our rugged yet flexible silicone rubber insulated heaters are designed with grommets and lacing that can be cinched into position around the length of the trailer tank's inner liner and against its convex-shaped end cap("end bell"). This enables temperature-sensitive end product components, such as liquid chocolate and liquid pharmaceuticals, to travel safely cross country and arrive in readily-usable, protected condition for conversion to finished commodities at manufacturing facilities.

OEM designers incorporate Thermal Circuits EPDM rubber insulated etched foil heaters into cold weather starting batteries for diesel engines, which enables railroad locomotives to start up and move out after overnight downtime. Surface heaters keep tanks holding effluent from icing up in wintry conditions to aid in effective waste management and etched foil anti-icing heaters are incorporated into backlit display panels in the cab to assure the flow of information to the engineer is uninterrupted.

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