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Fine Art Conservators who reline paintings or restore canvasses work on temperature-controlled heated work surfaces of specially constructed vacuum tables called lining tables. Thermal Circuits Art Restoration Heaters are etched foil elements offering zoned heating, encapsulated in multilayered silicone rubber electrical insulation and installed into the underside of the metal table top.
Thermal Circuits silicone rubber-encapsulated etched foil heaters are heat sources for Commercial Vacuum Presses. Whereas archival vacuum press sizes can range from 24 sq.ft. to 130 sq.ft., commercial systems typically provide a 4' x 8' maximum format capability. For mechanical laminating, Dry Mount Press platen sizes range from 12" x 15" to 26" x 34". The etched foil element heater's insulation envelope is a robust combination of glass mat and mica. OEM commercial equipment industries include photography labs, graphic display firms, framing businesses, and photography studios.
Etched foil heaters, factory-mounted at Thermal Circuits to the inside walls of roll laminating and reprographic fuser rolls, can have their heat patterns designed with selective zones that pinpoint heat where it is needed most to match paper size. The direct inside surface mount heaters, predominately Kapton® thin film insulated, improve time-to-temperature response, cool down and heat recovery, all with better control.

Heaters and heater assemblies from Thermal Circuits, installed in copiers, improve copying speed from start to finish. At the start of the copying process, heat energy from a surface mount heated and thermostatically controlled tubular lamp provides instant imaging. A fan-mounted etched foil cylindrical air duct heating unit keeps paper from absorbing humidity that could promote a paper jam during the copying process. Thermal Ciruits provides a complete electronics assembly package for each application.

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