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Food restaurant etched foil element heaters
Food restaurant etched foil element heaters

Thermal Circuits etched foil element heaters for use in food preparation have the following unique characteristics:

  • Custom-profiled heating design can compensate for heat loss
  • Provide up to three times greater peripheral heat
  • One heater can replace multiple quartz and tubular elements
  • Uncomplicated wiring
  • Simplified mounting
  • Eliminate reflector assemblies
  • Creative heating solutions can radiate, conduct, convect, bake, fry, toast, warm, roast, steam, dry and thermalize.

OEM designers of heated food service equipment must offer a broad range of ready-to-market products to all facets of the food service industry including restaurants, fast food, cafeterias and institutions. By utilizing Thermal Circuits up front in the initial design process, OEM teams can avoid multiple design attempts and multiple costs.

Heated cafeteria serving stations need equipment that maintains a temperature level in the server inserts that will keep food palatable. Thermal Circuits manufactures a temperature-controlled silicone rubber insulated etched foil element that heats the bottom and two side surfaces in a serving station or buffet. This element can be used in either a mobile or permanent station. This same silicone rubber insulated etched foil heater construction, in a different design and dimension, has been incorporated into display cabinets of fast food restaurants that hold warm, prebaked items including pie wedges.

Thermal Circuits rigid mica insulated etched foil element warming shelf heaters maintain wrapped food, ready for sale. The same heater construction designed into bin heaters will hold pre-cooked food ready to be "assembled" prior to sale. The heater includes integral thermocouple controls that are protected at their egress by a ceramic surface mount cover.

A Thermal Circuits etched foil element heater that incorporates a unique and cost-effective mica/glass mat hybrid dielectric is used in buffet carving stations for restaurants to keep roasted meats hot and juicy.

Hospitals and institutions serve meals from multi-tiered thermalization food serving carts or corridor/floor transport serving consoles. Meals are cooked, frozen and stored in the carts to be heated and served at a later time. Thermal Circuits manufactures assembly modules including silicone rubber insulated etched foil heaters vulcanized to anodized aluminum platens outfitted with thermostats and overtemperature devices. The modules can be rectangular or round to fit the specifications of the cart and are manufactured to withstand the rigors of steam cleaning.

Thermal Circuits etched foil element toaster heater toasts faster, more uniformly and to just the right browning color. The circuit pattern is profiled to provide more heat across the bottom, the ceramic emitter surface protects a thinner primary binder that permits expansion and contraction of the circuits' conductor, and the 1/4" insulating backer matches the application's structure and thermal need. The toaster heater is the forerunner to Thermal Circuits' Infrared Emitter Panel Heaters.

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