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Thermal Circuits -Electronics flexible silicone rubber heaters, thin film Kapton etched foil heaters
Electronics flexible silicone rubber heaters Refrigerated warehouses pose a particular challenge to OEM designers of product-handling vehicles. Thermal Circuits manufactures both flexible silicone rubber and thin film Kapton® polyimide insulated etched foil element heaters that can be incorporated into the handles of operator-driven pallet trucks for warmth. A rugged heavy duty Thermal Circuits heated fork lift floor pad – a silicone rubber insulated etched foil design in molded assembly platform mat –keeps feet warm when loading.

Frozen food warehouses have problems with ice build-up in drain pans during defrost cycles of ceiling-mounted refrigeration systems that can be solved by installing heavy-duty neoprene rubber-insulated etched foil heaters in the bottom of the drain pans. The heater is energized during each defrost cycle to melt all ice from exchangers, which drains off and prevents ice clogging.

Etched foil heaters can be mounted behind the numeric and function touch pads on outdoor ATM facilities to prevent condensation build-up that may lead to cold-weather malfunction.

Electronics thin film Kapton etched foil heaters An ID card laminating system for producing bank ATM cards requires three different etched foil heater designs. Thermal Circuits designed a radiant ceramic panel emitter for a prelaminating film dryer. The laminator has two mating heated platens. The upper platen required a more powerful heat source than the lower platen. We engineered a unique heater construction for each platen using different wattage, insulation and mounting methods for each. The upper platen etched foil element is a mechanical-mount High Temperature Ceramic and Mica insulated heater while the lower platen etched foil element is a direct-mount Teflon insulated heater. Each platen assembly incorporates multiple sensors, thermostats, and fuses.
  Satellite antennas located in extreme cold-weather climates are protected from snow and ice forming on their surfaces by Thermal Circuits anti-icing silicone rubber insulated heaters mounted to the back of the antenna(sometimes with thermal sponge backing integral to the heaters which are often foamed in place by the antenna manufacturer). Thermal Circuits has adapted this technology for residential dish antenna manufacturers to prevent interference of television reception due to snow and ice.
Cold weather sports equipment(skiing,ice fishing)as well as industrial gear, include etched foil element heated boots and gloves,another leading edge technology from Thermal Circuits.
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