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Thermal Circuits is a custom manufacturer of conductive, convective and radiant etched foil heaters. They service a wide variety of markets and geographic areas and through continuous quality improvement, maintain world-class leadership in all aspects of their business. Strong engineering support, high reliability, low-cost, and on-time delivery is their commitment to helping customers achieve their goals. Thermal Circuits focuses on responsiveness as the key to its continued success. By improving capabilities and strategic flexibility, Thermal Circuits will continue to provide its customers with new opportunities.

Core Competencies and Strategic Advantages

Thermal Circuits’ Applications Engineering Department is an experienced, proven, and responsive innovator and is recognized as using the broadest range of materials which include dielectric insulators (Kapton®/polyimide, Mylar®/polyester, procured and self-made silicone rubbers, micas, ceramics, vinyl, nylon, EPDM, Teflon®, polypropylene, and many others) that are compatible with integration and challenging environments; thermoplastic, thermoset, and the highest temperature adhesives that are matched to the dielectric’s physical and chemical properties; and element alloys that have been developed to increase capabilities at lower costs. Frequently, Thermal Circuits develops its heater components into turn-key assemblies with added value extensions including heat sinks and enclosures, wire harnesses and flex circuits, and a myriad of thermal sensors and over-temperature devices; such as thermistors, RTDs, thermocouples, thermostats, thermal fuses, and semiconductor-type components.


Thermal Circuits is committed to Total Customer Satisfaction and complying with the requirements and maintaining an effective ISO 13485 Quality Management System.

Founded in 1955 and located in Salem, MA., Thermal Circuits built a 52,000 s.f. custom-designed, state-of-the-art facility ($7MM NPV) during 1996-1999. The building consists of 8,000 s.f. of office space and 44,000 s.f. of manufacturing space. The present site can be expanded by another 20,000 s.f. Southeast Asia (SEA) is targeted for an additional, future manufacturing facility.

Since 1993, Thermal Circuits has been privately held by its President and CEO, Tony Klein. The firm employs 9 engineers, 156 manufacturing and indirect personnel, and 18 administrative, sales, and management professionals.

Markets Served

Thermal Circuits serves a balanced portfolio of industries and maintains certified supplier status with industry leaders which include; Xerox, Philips, General Electric, Roche, Applied Materials, Raytheon, Becton Dickinson and Ford. Their near zero attributable PPM defective has earned Thermal Circuits Supplier Quality Awards in the Medical, Reprographics, Semi-conductor, and Food Service industries.

Operationally Stable and Fiscally Conservative

In light of the 2008-2009 world economic downturn, Thermal Circuits’ revenue has rebounded and will exceed pre-recession levels in 2011. Thermal Circuits maintains strong banking relationships and a sturdy balance sheet with plentiful capital reserves.

The manufacturer’s Management Team is stable and comprised of both seasoned/mature and promising/young professionals. In addition to its new facility, the firm has invested $4.6MM NPV within the last seven years to improve equipment to benchmark status.

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