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Thermal Circuits - Avionics, aerospace, military etched foil heaters, military silicone rubber insulated heaters,military Polyimide etched foil heaters
Avionics, aerospace, military silicone rubber insulated heaters

Flexible, Etched Foil Heaters for Avionics, Aerospace, and Military

Thermal Circuits supplies components through Prime or OEM subcontractors to the military market that can be incorporated into their own assemblies. We also work with military brokers, government agencies, and overhaul and repair depots to supply replacement etched foil heater and heater assembly components for existing equipment.

Silicone rubber insulated heater, metalwork and anti-icing assemblies
This heater assembly, installed in shipboard moisture separators, prevents sea spray from freezing and obstructing the air intake systems of a destroyer's turbine engines in cold weather.

Polyimide insulated etched foil element heaters
This heater maintains constant operating temperatures for on-board flight navigation equipment.
Avionics, aerospace, military etched foil heaters

Molded etched foil element heaters
Thermal Circuits manufactures anti-icing, etched foil element heaters that are molded from Thermal Circuits produced rubber elastomers. The assembly shown is incorporated into silo covers to enable missile deployment in extreme cold.

Battery heaters
In military applications, these heater circuits are etched foil elements laminated in caustic resistant films, such as Teflon®, Kapton®, silicone rubber, EPDM rubber, or nylon electrical insulations; or encapsulated in inorganic mica sheet dielectrics. ThinFilm Thermal Circuits heaters weave between rows of battery cells. Rubber heaters line inside walls and floors of battery boxes. Rigid sheet heaters fit vertically between rows of cells. A Teflon® insulated etched foil heated cell stack is shown. Heavy duty constructions withstand high impact and heavy weight. Our battery heaters fulfill a wide range of requirements including MIL specs, vibration, chafing, chemicals, heat and cold.

Etched foil heated Feed Horn Assembly
The thermostat controlled etched foil heated Feed Horn Assembly is a result of Thermal Curcuits technologies in silicone rubber compounding and heater molding. A part of anti-icing systems for communications antennae on Naval vessels, the heated Feed Horn Assembly prevents accumulation of snow and ice that could distort or block communications signals in bad weather
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