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Automobiles, trucks, SUV's etched foil element heaters

Thermal Circuits Inc. has engineered and produced in volume etched foil element heaters and heater assemblies to improve automobile performance, safety and passenger comfort.

Etched foil heaters in side view mirrors melt ice and snow and prevent condensation. Side view mirror heaters are applied by a Tier One mirror housing OEM to the back of the driver and passenger side view mirrors to provide all-season visibility safety.

A Thermal Circuits etched foil heating system installed under the hood in the crankcase ventilation system drives out condensation and conquers freezing winter temperatures to protect against PCV valve clogging, poor engine performance, and stalling. This is the automotive industry’s first etched foil heating system at work to assist in the reduction of air pollution.

For the car and truck aftermarket industry, Thermal Circuits can make available a special "cold weather start" etched foil element battery heater – 120 Volts, 6' corded, and insulated in rugged, heavy-duty silicone rubber.

Inside the car, Thermal Circuits has engineered non-fatiguing Kapton® insulated etched foil heating elements for professional assembly within car and truck seats, and seat backs.

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