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Personal care kitchen appliances etched foil heaters
Personal care kitchen appliances etched foil heaters

Personal Care Appliances with etched foil heaters.
Hair styling - hot air brush for hairstyling, mist curler styling. Foot care with warm-water foot baths.

Kitchen Electrics with etched foil heaters.
Food cooking - deep-fat fryers, mini-skillet pan frying. Food maintenance with food-warming hot trays.

Appliance designers use Thermal Circuits etched foil heaters as an alternative to:

  • heavy metalwork
  • cast-in or staked heaters
  • ceramic hangers
  • open-coiled wire
  • dished reflectors
  • concentrated hot-spot heat

With Thermal Circuits etched foil heaters, you can design products that will operate at a lower temperature, use low-cost plastics and economical metal stampings.

Personal care kitchen appliances etched foil heaters

Etched foil heaters

  • fit snug to the surface
  • mount away from the surface - radiate or are air driven
  • can adapt to unlimited shapes and offer electric insulation options
  • distribute heat evenly and can provide profiled heat in a wide range of temperatures from warming to cooking.

The etched foil elements are compatible with Thermal Circuits High Temperature Binder Inorganic and Organic Coatings and with fabrication materials such as fiberglass cloth, fiberglass mat, mica, and ceramic fiber insulating carriers. The coatings protect and immobilize the elements yet allow them to expand and contract, cycling at watt densities two to three times greater with temperatures up to 1200° F.

The versatility of etched foil heaters assists designers in creating products that are high-performance, efficient and cost-effective.

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