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Thermal Circuits’ “Just-in-Time” operating philosophy improves its return on investment by reducing in-process inventory and carrying costs. Thermal Circuits focuses on achieving continuous improvement in the areas of product quality and employee involvement. In addition, by utilizing the Kanban scheduling system, they have successfully eliminated waste and reduced cycle times.

Key Elements of the JIT philosophy:

  • Flow Manufacturing
    • Arranging and defining manufacturing resources to efficiently “flow” products through the manufacturing process
  • Level Loading/Flow Balancing
    • Dampen scheduling variations, maximize utilization of workers, balance the process to changing resource levels
  • Small Lot Production
    • Reducing lot sizes to as small a quantity as is practically possible
    • Objective is a production lot size of one
  • Kanban Pull Systems
    • Production of items is authorized, not scheduled
    • Only as demanded for use or to replace items taken for use
  • Control Through Visibility
    • Structuring operations so that control of the process is possible through simple, immediate visual means
  • Set-Up Reduction
    • Required for Small Lot Production
    • Set-up times are reduced with ingenuity and resolve
  • Work Place Organization
    • “A place for everything and everything in its place”
    • Organizing the work place to eliminate potential confusion and reduce wastes of time, motion, and resources
  • Fitness For Use
    • Understanding your customer’s needs, internal and external, and implementing action to support them (i.e. minimal/recyclable packaging, product cleanliness, delivery quantities, etc.)
  • Total Quality
    • Quality means meeting the customer’s requirement or need
    • Quality is “built in”, not “inspected in”
    • Quality is everyone’s responsibility
  • Total Productive Maintenance
    • Proactive vs. Reactive through scheduled Preventive Maintenance
    • Everyone cleans, checks for problems, and adjusts equipment on a daily basis
  • Supplier Relationships
    • Strong relationships are needed for small and frequent defect-free deliveries
  • Total Employee Involvement
    • Worker development and training is a priority
    • Teamwork is essential


Custom Kapton® Heaters
Polyimide Heaters
Heater Assemblies
Heaters with Sensors
Silicone Rubber Heaters
Mica Heaters
Polyester Heaters
Mylar® Film Heaters
Ceramic Heaters
Teflon® Heaters
Vinyl Heaters
EPDM Rubber Heaters
Infrared Panel Emitters
NeoNylon® Heaters
Nomex® Heaters
Fiberglass Cloth Heaters