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 ISO 9001, MIL-1-45208A, Certified Heater Manufacturer

Quality is paramount at Thermal Circuits. We are a certified manufacturer of critical components and an approved ship-to-the production line, zero defect supplier. Our contractual customers perform no incoming inspection of our heaters and heater assemblies. Thermal Circuits' Quality Assurance Department is equipped, staffed, and administered to the requirements of MIL-I-45208A to which we are approved by major subcontractors.

The Quality Management System of Thermal Circuits has been audited and is compliant with the requirements of and is registered to ISO 9001:2008.

Our scope of registration is the design, development, and manufacture of custom flexible etched-foil heaters. Thermal Circuits Quality Policy: Thermal Circuits is committed to total Customer satisfaction, complying with the requirements of our Quality Management System.

Thermal Circuits proudly announces its registration to ISO 13485:2003

Thermal Circuits’ scope of registration is the design, development, and manufacture of custom flexible etched-foil heaters. Our Quality Policy: Thermal Circuits is committed to total customer satisfaction, complying with the requirements of ISO-13485 and maintaining an effective Quality Management System. Additionally, it is registered to and complies with ISO-9001:2008.

Thermal Circuits meets the world-class quality standards established by ISO. It is an application solver and services a wide variety of OEM heater applications for diverse industries worldwide. Throughout our website, you’ll see custom-designed etched-foil heaters, flexible heaters, Kapton®/polyimide heaters, silicone rubber heater and many others - examples of opportunity-solving that have met these objectives. The end products featured on these pages represent successful product applications in diverse OEM industries. We offer this same commitment to you and your company.

ISO 9001:2008 is an internationally recognized standard for general quality management that prescribes systematic controls to ensure products and services consistently fulfill consumers’ needs and expectations. To meet ISO 9001 guidelines, companies must implement standard written procedures (SOPs) and produce full traceable documentation for products beginning at the time of manufacture straight through to distribution. Thermal Circuits has further applied the ISO 9001 standard by creating systems for customer feedback and customer service as well as for the capture of corrective and preventative actions.

ISO 13485:2003 represents the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices. To gain and maintain its registration, Thermal Circuits’ reference standards must demonstrate that its procedures provide consistent valid results and ensure the highest possible quality—from raw material purity to final product. It is also required to have systems in place for the continuous improvement of procedures based on both customer and employee feedback. Thermal Circuits, Inc. has proven its technical competence by repeatedly and reliably generating exceptional results.